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Cleaning Chronicles: Opening the Front Door
March 06, 2018

You are proud of your business or company that you work for, but the work space needs to show that from the first moment that the front door is opened. This message is delivered to your team as they come to work, to your guests and to your customers.

A clean entry way, door and door glass says “Welcome, we are open for business”.  This is the first impression of your business.  Take the time to have cleaning professionals make that first impression happen for you, and have your own welcoming team keep it tidy and inviting in-between cleanings.

The smell of clean; there is nothing better that shows a business owner’s pride.  It always amazes me, that when we use a cleaning agent that has the fragrance of years gone by, that one of the first things I hear from customers is “I love that smell, my Mom used the same cleaning product…this place is SO clean”.  

The overall cleanliness sends the message of welcome.  The corners, under furniture, the lack of finger prints and the furniture organized neatly says “WE Care about you”.  

Royal Services knows how to say “Welcome”, and are pleased to say welcome every morning to your staff and customers.  Ask us how, we can partner with your team to welcome old friends and new comers to your business.  We are all about making GREAT first impressions.

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